Mix: Harrison Fraud – Running On Empty


Partly as an experiment to check upload options, and partly because it’s my latest mix: (watch out – it’s gentle)

Eddie Harris – Space Commercial
Herbie Hancock – Bubbles
Jaki Whitren & John Cartwright – Inner Fire
Letta Mbulu – Setho
Lonnie Liston Smith – Quiet Moments
Rita Lee – Caso Serio
McNeal & Niles – Quiet Isle
Toni van Duyne – Cosmic Blues
Thelma de Freitas – Tranquilo
Barrabas – Tell Me The Thing
Laurent Voulzy – Le Miroir
Patrice Rushen – Stepping Stones
Sumeria – Love Me Now/The Man From The Stars
Bobbi Humphrey – Sweeter Than Sugar
Love Unlimited Orchestra – My Fantasies
Fireball – Funky Love
Vivian Reed – What’s Mine Is Yours
Esther Phillips – Higher & Higher


7 Responses to “Mix: Harrison Fraud – Running On Empty”

  1. 1 hersey

    looks like ya server is down. boo hoo, looking forward to the mix. like the painting on the first post by the way!

    tell me about the bike accident!

  2. 2 Ben

    Easy like Sunday morning…

  3. 3 Rog

    Just about my speed this gray Sunday morning in SP, nice one….

  4. 4 Rada

    You should be doing this more often !!!!

    Thanks a million mate!

  5. loving every second 🙂

  6. Made me wanna holler! Beautiful shout when you’re here, djkaspar@gmail.com, I’ll try to hook you up.

  7. Valeu, pessoal!
    Chego em Lisboa dia 13 agosto.
    Ate la!

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