Gentle – Bionic Lover (Harrison Fraud edit)


Well, it’s been a while – been kinda busy moving back to Europe from Brazil.

As a welcome back treat, here’s an edit I did of a pretty obscure disco 45, Bionic Lover by Gentle, which came out in 1977 on a small label called Leo Mini. To be fair, I can’t really take the credit for unearthing this frunky little gem – I first heard it on Cuebism’s awesome EbonyCuts podcast and then pestered him until he told me what it was. He even sold me his spare copy six months later when I had failed to find it anywhere else. What a star!

The edit basically just joins the a-side and the b-side together, and extends the intro and outro for mixing purposes. I reckon it’s a bit of a winner. Enjoy!

Gentle – Bionic Lover (Harrison Fraud edit)

EDIT (Feb 2018)

I see Cuebism has now released his original edit on vinyl – fair play to him, and it sounds great with a proper mastering job done on it. But I think I’ll leave mine up here as a reference, as well as showing how mastering can make a big difference!

9 Responses to “Gentle – Bionic Lover (Harrison Fraud edit)”

  1. Great edit. Never heard the track before, tickles me good & proper!


  2. 2 Steve T

    Hi There

    Any chance of upping this edit again. The file isn’t found, when you click on the link.


  3. Sorry about that – sorted now.

  4. 4 Steve T

    Cheers for that

    I listen to ebony cuts and am wondering which track this is?

    Just listening now, I’ve heard it before.

  5. 5 scrimshire

    oh I love this. played it a lot over the summer after getting it via soundcloud.

    dropped it in my podcast too…

    Splendidly Blended podcast 16

    Radiohead – Reckoner (Lukid remix) (
    Tristan Perich – All Possible Paths (
    Desolate Crew – First Go
    Landslide – Parables (CDR)
    Bandishprojekt – 21st century manifesto (CDR) (
    Klipmode – Sageburnsredux feat. Suzi Analogue (
    Amede & The Soundsmith – Will She Ever Know? (
    The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble – Embers (Ad Noiseam)
    Jonathan Jeremiah – See (Rosario Records)
    Herma Puma – Sunshine Trumps Rain (CDR)
    Kissey Asplund – Move Me (feat Soliloquy) (Record Breakin’ Music)
    Raashan Ahmad – If I (unknown)
    Orquesta Riverside – En Casa Del Trompo No Bailes (Freestyle)
    The Lafayette Afro Rock Band – Hihache (Strut)
    Jackie Beavers – Mr Bumpman (Liamski ReEdit) (spacebass free D/L link)
    Gentle – Bionic Lover (Harrison Fraud)(
    Atjazz feat Dawne B – Parallels (Jazzanova Serial remix) (Atjazz Record Company)

  6. GREAT RE-EDIT, big thanks

    this track is indeed so hard to find

    I actually asked Cuebism too, but he never replied… I had to post a request on my blog to get a hint, by a nice guy called Jimmy Gee…

    anyway big thanks! visit my blog for rare disco too


  7. 7 soulfiesta


    Love the edit mate.. I think we should start a club called Bionic Lover 45 owners 🙂

    Until your edit I only knew of 2 copies, mine and Cuebisms… and now that I see you have his, (and followed the link to Discogs) I see there’s another. At the time of the Ebony cuts release the only reference to the tune was people looking for it on message boards.

    – MrB I think I may have responded to your post ? (but maybe I am mistaken)

    …by chance a copy suddenly turned up on craig moerer records and I snapped it up (cost a few quid mind!).

    I haven’t checked recently but at the time there was nothing on, ebay, gemm, any record reseller websites… (not even discogs).

    Anyway really glad you recreated the edit… nice to have the full length 320bit version to play out and have no fear of damaging such a prescious 45.

    I’ld love to re-blog it – would that be ok ?

    James G 🙂

  8. it’s hot !
    i have find this edit first on JimmyTheTwin soundcloud
    in fact, searching a sound to begin a next mix,
    now i think i have find it , beautifull edit here !

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