Randy Crawford – Don’t Wanna Be Normal (Harrison Fraud extension)


Here’s another edit I did, mainly to extend a good tune into a great tune. Again, the credit must go to another DJ, this time the remarkable Maurice Fulton. I fully recommend scouring the web for his mixes, which always contain moments of genius. This Randy Crawford (of Street Life fame) tune was on one of his mixes.

The original of Don’t Wanna Be Normal is on Randy Crawford’s Abstract Emotions LP (1986). Enjoy the smooth 80s vibes on this one!

Randy Crawford – Don’t Wanna Be Normal (Harrison Fraud extension)

Download LINK

8 Responses to “Randy Crawford – Don’t Wanna Be Normal (Harrison Fraud extension)”

  1. 1 Roger

    Great edit of a great tune. Played this at Sunday Sessions, picture Dubs arms outstretched,head thrown back, spinning on the spot for the last 2 minutes………

  2. We want photos!
    Glad to hear Dubs is back in the fold.

  3. 3 Ben

    Like it.

  4. I just spotted that Prince Language starts his latest mix with it:


  5. 5 Ryan

    Superb work, Mate ..

  6. 6 Dany

    i need this edit! its possible?

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