Welcome aboard



Welcome to the occasional world of Harrison Fraud. If I ever get round to it you’ll find rare or little-known tunes available to download as well as the odd mix.

To start it all off, here’s a track for which I’ve developed a highly detailed imaginary video. Picture the scene – the camera boards a luxury cruise-liner and, in one take, slowly moves from room to room and deck to deck. As the camera passes, each member of the crew looks up from their duties to smile and wave, culminating in all of them smoothly turning to the camera (around 2:50) to sing… “Welcome aboard”…

The Love Unlimited Orchestra presents Webster Lewis – Welcome Aboard


2 Responses to “Welcome aboard”

  1. 1 hersey

    How bout a link to my blog to reciprocate? http://shanghersey.blogspot.com 🙂

  2. I do apologise – you are now the official “Artist in Residence”!
    Greetings from Lisboa.

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