Without further ado here’s Volume 2.

Harrison Fraud – Brazilian Beauties Vol 2

Baden Powell e Vinicius de Moraes – canto de ossanha
Emilio Santiago – bananeira
Jorge Ben – cosa nostra
Martinho Da Vila – disritmia
Gal Costa – da maior importancia
Antonio Carlos & Jocafi – glorioso santo antonio
Noriel Vilela – 17 toneladas
Antonio Carlos & Jocafi – diacho de dor
Cassiano – onda
Djavan – nereci
Antonio Carlos & Jocafi – conceicao da praia
Gal Costa – relance
Copa 7 – rosa
Azymuth – maracana
Di Melo – kilario
Chico Buarque – vai passar
Joao Bosco – linha de passe
Jorge Ben – o cavaleiro do cavalho imaculado
Azymuth – aguia negra
Chico Buarque – calice


I was contacted a few *cough* months ago by the rather wonderful NonCollective website and asked if I wanted to provide a guest mix for them. Naturally I immediately succumbed to the flattery and said yes; also naturally, it then took me a few *cough* months to actually get it finished. Still better late than never, eh?

The mix starts very gentle and then gradually meanders around the world, picking up steam as it goes. Nearly every continent gets a look-in (sorry Oceania) and the mood swings from near-suicidal depression (the opening track sports the could-only-be-written-by-a-German splendour of the “hot salty wetness of my tears”) to the almost sugary sentiments of Seals & Crofts’ Sweet Green Fields.

Hence the title of the mix: Intercontinental Moodswings

Schoenherz – Sultry Nights
Fafá de Belém – Fazenda
John Martyn – You Can Discover
Djavan – Ventos Do Norte
Salif Keita – Cono
Nara Leão & Erasmo Carlos – Meu Ego
Funk Factory – Rien Ne Va Plus
Osmar Milito – Sangue Latino
Remigio Ducros – Black Congregation
Black Girl OST – No World For Dreamers
Pure Essence – Third Rock
Seals & Crofts – Sweet Green Fields
Laser – Super Nova
Shriekback – Despite Dense Weed
Routes In Jazz – Out In The Jungle
Kalyanji-Anandji – Dance Music (Commander OST)
Beauregard, Violletti & Ste-Clair – Insomnie
Lalomie Washburn – My Love Is Hot
Ivan Neville – Dance Your Blues Away

To download, please visit the NonCollective website.

Right, this blog has been dormant for far too long, so to kick-start it back into life I’m going to re-post the Brazilian Beauties mixes I did while living in Brazil from 2005 to 2009. I knew next to nothing about Brazilian music when I arrived there, but after many a long afternoon digging in dusty record shops or at Sunday flea-markets I began to develop a taste for the sound of Jorge Ben, Marcos Valle and lesser known guys like Antonio Carlos & Jocafi. Suffice to say that, even after four years of fairly serious digging, I still feel like I barely scratched the surface.

So there are four mixes altogether and they basically reflect the order I found the records in. This means that some of them have a few tracks by the same artists in. For example, the third one seems to have rather a lot of Wando and Paulo Diniz tracks on it.

And they all have at least one Jorge Ben track on them. Because he’s ace.

Volumes 2, 3 and 4 will follow over the next couple of weeks…

Harrison Fraud – Brazilian Beauties Vol 1

Emilio Santiago – balanco do trem
Chico Buarque – pelas tabelas
Trio Ternura – eta-eta
Tamba Trio – ou bola ou bulica
Antonio Carlos & Jocafi – tereza guerreira
Marcos Valle – mentira
Sivuca – aint no sunshine
Gal Costa – me recuso
Hyldon – sabado e domingo
Painel de Controle – cada um na sua
Jorge Ben – o filosofo
Franco – ei voce psiu
Gilberto Gil – maracatu atomico
Chico Buarque – brejo da cruz
Hyldon – quando a noite vem
Tim Maia – que beleza
Antonio Carlos & Jocafi – se qiuser valer
Gal Costa – vou recomecar
Gilberto Gil – toda menina baiana
Jorge Ben – adelita
Marcos Valle – estrelar


Here’s another edit I did, mainly to extend a good tune into a great tune. Again, the credit must go to another DJ, this time the remarkable Maurice Fulton. I fully recommend scouring the web for his mixes, which always contain moments of genius. This Randy Crawford (of Street Life fame) tune was on one of his mixes.

The original of Don’t Wanna Be Normal is on Randy Crawford’s Abstract Emotions LP (1986). Enjoy the smooth 80s vibes on this one!

Randy Crawford – Don’t Wanna Be Normal (Harrison Fraud extension)

Download LINK

Well, it’s been a while – been kinda busy moving back to Europe from Brazil.

As a welcome back treat, here’s an edit I did of a pretty obscure disco 45, Bionic Lover by Gentle, which came out in 1977 on a small label called Leo Mini. To be fair, I can’t really take the credit for unearthing this frunky little gem – I first heard it on Cuebism’s awesome EbonyCuts podcast and then pestered him until he told me what it was. He even sold me his spare copy six months later when I had failed to find it anywhere else. What a star!

The edit basically just joins the a-side and the b-side together, and extends the intro and outro for mixing purposes. I reckon it’s a bit of a winner. Enjoy!

Gentle – Bionic Lover (Harrison Fraud edit)

EDIT (Feb 2018)

I see Cuebism has now released his original edit on vinyl – fair play to him, and it sounds great with a proper mastering job done on it. But I think I’ll leave mine up here as a reference, as well as showing how mastering can make a big difference!

That’s what I asked myself a few months ago when I stumbled across this incredible Youtube clip of him (in full wouldn’t-want-to-meet-him-in-a-dark-alley mode) with Julie Driscoll performing a song called Indian Rope Man. So naturally it wasn’t long before I was in possession of his “best of” entitled Get Augernized (ho ho). It turns out he’s an organist who’s been through quite a few phases, from 60s mod and psychedelia to smoother jazz and jazz-funk sounds.

There’s a great album of his called Closer To It from 1973 which has some wonderful stuff on it, including the seminal Happiness Is Just Around The Bend, which is apparently one of the most-covered tracks in dancefloor history (whatever that is).

Anyway, as a tasty little link to my previous post, I thought I’d put up his cover of Inner City Blues, which always gets people coming up to the booth when I play it out. A different take on a classic song.

Brian Auger’s Oblivion Express – Inner City Blues


Marvin in space



I recently picked up the expanded edition of the Here, My Dear album, which includes lots of alternate mixes by a range of people, from Bootsy Collins to Prince Paul. However the real gem on here is:

Marvin Gaye – A Funky Space Reincarnation
(Alternate Extended Mix by John Morales & Paul Simpson)

Partly as an experiment to check upload options, and partly because it’s my latest mix: (watch out – it’s gentle)

Eddie Harris – Space Commercial
Herbie Hancock – Bubbles
Jaki Whitren & John Cartwright – Inner Fire
Letta Mbulu – Setho
Lonnie Liston Smith – Quiet Moments
Rita Lee – Caso Serio
McNeal & Niles – Quiet Isle
Toni van Duyne – Cosmic Blues
Thelma de Freitas – Tranquilo
Barrabas – Tell Me The Thing
Laurent Voulzy – Le Miroir
Patrice Rushen – Stepping Stones
Sumeria – Love Me Now/The Man From The Stars
Bobbi Humphrey – Sweeter Than Sugar
Love Unlimited Orchestra – My Fantasies
Fireball – Funky Love
Vivian Reed – What’s Mine Is Yours
Esther Phillips – Higher & Higher


Welcome aboard



Welcome to the occasional world of Harrison Fraud. If I ever get round to it you’ll find rare or little-known tunes available to download as well as the odd mix.

To start it all off, here’s a track for which I’ve developed a highly detailed imaginary video. Picture the scene – the camera boards a luxury cruise-liner and, in one take, slowly moves from room to room and deck to deck. As the camera passes, each member of the crew looks up from their duties to smile and wave, culminating in all of them smoothly turning to the camera (around 2:50) to sing… “Welcome aboard”…

The Love Unlimited Orchestra presents Webster Lewis – Welcome Aboard